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Invite your friends to purchase a VIP membership and get up to six additional months free!

VIP members of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts have unlimited priority access to all the Museum’s exhibitions and collections and enjoy exclusive privileges and discounts!

You have everything to gain by sharing.

The more friends you convert into VIP members of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the more free months you’ll get!

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6 months free

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How Does This Special Offer Work?

The more friends you recruit to become VIP members, the more free months you will have added to your membership.* Recruit one friend who becomes a VIP, and you will both receive 2 extra months free, recruit two friends who join, and you will all receive 4 extra months free; three friends, and you will all receive 6 extra months free!

What Type Of Vip Membership Do My Friends Have To Sign Up For?

Your friends can pick the VIP membership of their choice: Avant-garde VIP, VIP Solo, VIP Duo or VIP Trio for one year or two. The length of the membership and the number of members don’t matter, what does matter is the number of friends you recruit who become Museum VIPs (the number of new memberships generated).

How Do We Take Advantage Of This Special Offer?

The free months are added to your VIP membership. We will contact you at the end of the campaign to issue your new VIP card with the free months added.

Can I Take Advantage Of The Promotional Offer Art Is Meant For Sharing?

Absolutely! You can enjoy an automatic extension to your membership corresponding to the extra free months that you obtained by recruiting friends who became members. However, the friends you refer must be inactive Museum VIP members.**

*Maximum of 3 friends who become Museum VIPs.

**An inactive member is a member who does not have an active VIP membership or who is not an active auxiliary member on another VIP membership.

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Discover the largest Chagall exhibition ever presented in Canada

Marc Chagall (1887–1985), Final model for the wall painting at the Metropolitan Opera, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York: The Triumph of Music (detail), 1966, tempera, gouache and collage on paper mounted on Korean paper, 109 × 91.5 cm. Private collection. © SODRAC & ADAGP 2017, Chagall ®. © Archives Marc et Ida Chagall, Paris